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  • Linux Performance Administration
  • Ubuntu Sucks Like a Shopvac and Other Linux Rants
  • Quick Guide to Installing Ubuntu on a Mac OSX PC

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    Linux beginners can learn about commands and beginner linux from our 100 articles below:

    Starting Out
  • Windows to Linux: Beginner Startup Guide
  • Linux Installation Brief Guide
  • Common Linux Installation Issues and Their Solutions
  • Choosing the Right Linux Distribution
  • Beginner's Introduction to the KDE Desktop
  • Basic Linux Hardware & Network Configuration
  • Starting Processes in Fedora and SuSe
  • Installing Ubuntu on a Mac OSX PC
  • Creating a Linux Boot Disk
  • Guide to Dial-up Internet with Linux Fedora and SuSe
  • Guide to DSL Internet with Linux Fedora and SuSe
  • Most Popular Linux Questions Answered
  • Basic Networking: Windows to Linux Fedora
  • FEATURED Linux in a Windows Network with a SAMBA Server

  • Essential Commands
  • Beginner Linux Commands
  • Commands for Handling Files and Permissions
  • Essential Commands for Guru Wanna-bees
  • Commands for Linux Directories and Files
  • FEATURED Beginning Commands for Server Administration
  • Essential commands for Networks
  • Using Text Editors (Emacs, Vi)

  • Beginner Flavors
  • Exploring Linux with Ubuntu
  • Managing users in Ubuntu
  • PCLinuxOS: A Windows User's Delight
  • Kanotix Live-CD: Gentle Intro for Beginners

  • Why Linux
  • Screwing the end user and seeing how far you get
  • Linux as a Tool for Windows Hardware Errors (Windows vs. Linux)
  • Linux in Enterprise is Already Prime Time
  • Killing the Five Myths Against Linux
  • Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Linux Home System
  • Out of the mouth of babes: Linux is Better
  • Free Software: Understanding the Foundation to Linux Use
  • Linux Works Even for Total Newbies
  • Blame the Operating System
  • Emergency Booting Windows PCs: Another Use for Linux Knoppix
  • Which Linux Flavor is Best? One Man's Answer
  • Beginner Linux book made available for free

  • Installing & Configuring
    Details on configuration and setting up a linux server.

    For Server Administrators
    Articles to help you get started with server administration.

    Please note that other basic administration articles are included in the earlier listed sections as well.

    Articles on Linux
    Using linux in business and other OP/EDs.

    Humor Mixed with Reality
    Using linux for fun.

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