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China takes the lead in world's fastest computing with Linux -

China takes the lead in world's fastest computing with Linux
by Mark Rais senior editor

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In an absolute show of super computer capability, the National Center for Supercomputing in Tianjin, China announced a 2.507 petaflops computer.

It places China in the running for the absolute world's fastest computer.

This achievement, coupled with China's already proven Nebulae machine, which ranked second in the TOP 500 list of world's fastest super computers, substantively validates China's computer development capacity.

Perhaps as important as the ability to properly and effectively scale hybrid clustered CPU environment (in this case over 6144 Intel Xeon CPUs and 5120 AMD GPUs), is the fact that the underlying operating system is entirely Linux.

The details of this super computer can be reviewed on the webpage for the Binhai New Area, Tianjin, China National Supercomputing Center.

Why this achievement is also important to note is that this now places Linux as the primary operating system for nearly all of the world's top 100 fastest computers.

Linux's total domination when it comes to super computers is also a validation of its maturity and value in enterprise high performance scaling.

Engineers view Linux as a beneficial tool for it provides significant performance controls, while also offering proven cluster management with fine grained multinode controls.

To understand why super computers and their rankings are beneficial, it is important to note that nearly all data modeling, for oil exploration, weather research, and movie CGIs are driven entirely by high performance hardware architectures.

Linux is the ingredient that binds the mass of hardware components and allows effective scaling using relatively inexpensive CPUs from companies including Intel and AMD.

Hopefully a better understanding of Linux's role with super computers also reduces the incorrect assumption some have that Linux is not up to the job for running data centers or enterprise applications.

Linux is absolutely key to driving unique high performance hardware architectures and currently 9 of the 10 world's fastest supercomputers run entirely on Linux OS. You can read more details regarding the TOP 500 ranking on this page.


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